To accompany GIGANTISME and assist visitors in comprehending the diverse questions and themes as they explore the exhibitions and the city, the LAAC and the FRAC have joined forces to produce free mediation tools (guidebooks in French, Dutch and English, a fun “observation booklet” for
children, etc.) and organize various discovery events and activities (guided tours, tours for visitors with specific needs, workshops,
training sessions, etc.). GIGANTISME will resonate with the Dunkirk territory, its history and inhabitants. Numerous projects will be implemented to create a veritable dynamism.



Self-tours or guided visits are offered from 11am to 8pm at the FRAC / AP2 and LAAC

11AM: Appointment at the train station of Dunkirk to discover the artworks beyond the walls (I)
2PM: At the LAAC, visit of « GIGANTISME – À l’américaine ! »
3.30PM: Parade of the Giant Iris Clert of Raymond Hains leaving from the LAAC to discover the works beyond the walls (II)
4PM: At the FRAC, visit of « GIGANTISME – Space is a House »
5PM: Official speeches within the Halle AP2, followed by a cocktail
6PM – 8PM: Performance of Frédéric Le Junter
8PM: Parade of the Giant Iris Clert of Raymond Hains leaving from the FRAC to the LAAC
8.30PM: Concert by Maxime Dangles at the LAAC
In partership with Electro-libre

SUNDAY 5 MAY, 2019

11AM: Appointment at the FRAC to visit the Grand Large district with Dector & Dupuy
2PM: At the LAAC, round table discussion GIGANTISME in the presence of curators and artists
3.30PM: At the LAAC, inauguration of “GIGANTISME – Parallel Screens”, with the screening of the film Heartbeat Detector (La Question Humaine) by Nicolas Klotz and Elisabeth Perceval, followed by a discussion with Pascale Cassagnau